International Applications



Apply online OR complete the International Application for Admission form with all supporting documents:

  • Original or Certified copy of academic transcripts, with grading system.
  • English language test results (eg. IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Resume
  • Academic or employer references (if required)
  • Advanced Standing application (if relevant). Advanced Standing refers to previous study or work experience which may reduce the duration of your degree. You should apply for advanced standing at the time of application.

Submit your completed International Application for Admission form to The Hotel School


Applications will be acknowledged and responded to within 5 days.*
Successful applications receive an International Offer Package (Offer) including:

  • Offer of Admission
  • Information for Accepting your Offer
  • Offer Acceptance Agreement.

*Time period relates to complete application for the immediate study period.


All applications for The Hotel School are selected on their individual merit. Whilst your most recent academic performance or professional experience is used as an indicator of ability to undertake studies at a tertiary level you may also be invited to attend an interview as part of the final application process.

As your studies and future are important to us the interview allows each applicant the opportunity to discuss the program, career opportunities, goals, a preview to student life at university in a one on one with a member of the executive team at The Hotel School.

If you are overseas or reside interstate and are unable to attend the interview in person, a phone interview will be arranged to accommodate.


  1. Review the Offer to make sure all information is correct and submit extra documents requested.
  2. Once conditions are met, send the signed Offer Acceptance Agreement, before the Offer Lapse Date.
  3. Pay the ‘fee payable on acceptance’ amount of the Offer.
  4. Once all documents are received and conditions are met, SCU International will issue an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) so you can apply for an Australian visa.